Now is the time to know the bizarre truth about video songs on WhatsApp status

Truth about video songs on WhatsApp status

Are you someone who drives a train of video songs on WhatsApp status? Or do you know someone in your contact list who does that? Either way, this post is going to shed light on ‘why people share video songs on WhatsApp status?’

Did you know that a lot of people search for this question? “What’s wrong with people who put video songs on WhatsApp Status?” on Google. The question sounded funny to me. However, I have also asked a similar kind of question to myself.

First things first…

Truth about people posting video songs on WhatsApp status

Nothing is wrong with anyone sharing any kind of WhatsApp statuses, first of all. In fact, statuses are to share what you feel with friends and family.

Here’s a catch though: Are you overdoing it? A couple of years ago, I overdid, when it came to WhatsApp status. I shared a lot of love quotes. It made me look like a hopeless romantic.

A lot of people on my contact list uploads at least 15 slides of video songs. If you are a 90’s kid, you might have heard Sun music, SS music and other music channels. When you have friends who drive trains of songs on their statuses, you won’t miss the music channels at all.

Needless to mention, the count only increases when it is valentine’s week. You can expect a mix of songs basically: joyful, sad, lusty and soup songs.


Statuses help you express what you feel to everyone. What happens when there is no status option? You read an article, like it, and you think that it deserves to be shared. So, you hit the share button, and go to every friend’s chat on your contact list, with a caption saying, “Hey, I thought you would like this.” It sounds too complicated, isn’t it?

In nutshell, statuses gives us a easy option to share without bombing our friend’s chatrooms. But, what about those who bombs their own statuses? Why does that happen?

Maybe, they genuinely love music…

Sometimes, it happens, people who share lots of songs on their status could genuinely love music. Thinking to share the joyous moment to other people, they might share it to others, without knowing the frequency of their posts. Though this is a possibility, these people don’t fall into far-stretched sharing category.

Using as Indirect Speech…
How do you feel about the lovey-dovey songs?

Instead of conveying the feelings directly to someone, they use the status to notify that one person. Sometimes, statuses become a conversation starters with the crush too. If you are using your status as a personal diary, it is time to learn about the privacy setting options available for WhatsApp status.

Cursing medium…

It is not just love that initiates this WhatsApp Status Train, but also the break-ups. Suit up to hear all philosophical, dreary, wearisome and depressing songs if your friend has gone through a break-up recently. Also, get ready to hear “It’s nothing,” when you ask ‘what happened’.

Medium of defense…
Do you have such crazy friends?

Do you have best friends who, when you argue with them, go and post awful philosophies about true friendships in their stories? Without them, our lives lose the element of craziness.

Digital marketing…

I am also guilty about this option, but, I don’t usually send an 11-car train. I know people who advertise their brand and businesses full-time on WhatsApp statuses. If statuses could fetch new clients, then there’s nothing to complain about it. These trains go around and around through all seasons of the year, so beware and put it on mute.

Lastly, The Single Boys/Girls Club…

If you think that there are only #couplegoals, and #loveyouboo statuses on valentine’s week, then it seems like you don’t have single friends. If your single friends never posted, “I am single-u and I am young-u” status, on lover’s day, then wait for a couple of months, to receive a wedding invitation from them.

Though we all love music, these WhatsApp video songs sometimes annoy us. So, next time, instead of wondering what’s wrong with these people, use them as your stress-busters. These people are actually entertaining us, and when you need a break, all you need to is to open their status.

If it still bothers you, do what you would do to your WhatsApp family group. Put them on mute, and have fun.

P.S.: to my family reading this, no, I don’t mute our family group 😛

Until next time, bye.

With lots of love,

Sahana, aka The Tummy Mummy.

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