Maara: a soldier’s mystical journey in search of love


I am glad to do this: Maara, the movie review, on the most poetic and emotional love story in recent times.

A sensible love story

Maara is the remake of the famous Malayalam movie ‘Charlie,’ distributed by Prime on January 8th, this year. When I first saw the trailer, I had a skeptical mindset, provided we all know how the remake of ‘Bangalore Days’ went.

Also, there is Maddy in the cast, which made the movie experience more nervous. I played the watch button with little to no expectations so that I won’t be disappointed more.

In the ‘Charlie’ movie, Dulquer and Parvathy did an excellent job showcasing their characters on an adventurous and lively plot. As Charlie, Dulquer gave his best in living like a free-spirited and beautiful soul who touches many more lives as he walks on his own life. Parvathy as Tessa was no lesser to Dulquer in her expressions and on-screen presence.

It is, indeed, a challenge for the crew to get similar (if not more) results, like that of the original movie. Maara did a justifying job in this matter. With improvisations in storyline and character’s roles, the Tamil remade of ‘Charlie’ gives a mystical love story to the viewers.

காதல் வந்துச்சுனா, அது ஒருத்தன, காடு தாண்டி, பல மலைகள் தாண்டி, கடல் தாண்டி கொண்டு போகும்னு சொல்வாங்க…”

Get ready to witness the subtly painful, intense, and poetic kind of love story when the director puts an end card.

The story unfolds with an elderly lady sharing a story about a strong soldier who can’t be killed, to a little girl, on a journey. Those two minutes of the story with visual graphics, and intriguing background score, give you goosebumps and keep you connected.

The leads of this movie, Maara (Maddy) and Paaru (Shraddha), have more or less the same characteristics as Charlie and Tessa. Maara is a free-spirited, kind, sensible, and caring guy touching many lives, and in turn, leaving a lot of wonderful stories all along his way.

A short twist from the original movie, where Paaru gets intrigued, not only by the unfinished comic she finds in the apartment (just like Tessa) but how he drew the story she heard as a kid from the aged woman, on the walls all over the town.

Of course, Paaru knows Maara from a photograph in his apartment. She goes in search of him, the mysteries and, the unfinished story.

That’s where I felt a little lagging too. In the ‘Charlie’ movie, Tessa travels in search of the person (as in his soul) without knowing how he would look. I was a bit disappointed about that one single improvisation of the story. The search for a beautiful soul without any consideration for physical appearance undoubtedly gave Charlie a different perspective.

So, did Maara and Paaru meet? How did Maara draw the story that Paaru heard as a kid? How does this story unite love? The answers to these questions make the crux of the plot.

The soldier hid his soul in a fish. The fish got lost in the deeper ocean. He couldn’t live, and he couldn’t die. The time melted like ice, while he kept searching for his soul.

Well, honestly, Climax was pretty unexpected, not as powerful as Charlie, though. Improvisations here and there led to an altogether different climax for the remade film. It’s also evident that there were less powerful dialogues towards the ending of the movie.

Perhaps, the crew steered the movie to the taste of our Kollywood audience, and it worked in their favor. Because Maddy lived through the film, his expressions and dialogue deliveries are spot-on. Well, who can find faults with our chocolate boy?

Shraddha gave matching efforts, and her eyes speak a lot of emotions than the words. ‘Velayya’ by Moulee, ‘Kani’ by Sshivada, and ‘Thief’ by Alexander Babu shined better than other cast members. Charlie’s Mariyam performance by Kalpana seems to be unparalleled and unmatched.

In my humble opinion, the scriptwriter could have chosen a unique name like Tessa for the female lead. The names of the characters impact many factors. For example, you can’t skip seeing a fun-loving, daring, and beautiful Parvathy when you hear the name ‘Tessa,’ can you? The name carries a part of the magic of your soul, and it’s more like an address.

As a remade movie, they could have retained the music album. I felt the music was less energetic and enthusiastic for a film like Maara. Maybe, it’s my disappointments talking: I missed ‘chithirathira’ in Yesudas’s voice on that sea scene, and ‘pularikalo’ especially. These songs could have lifted the viewer’s spirit while watching the movie ten times more, in my opinion.

When love finds you, you cannot escape. You cannot run away. You will not have any option than to surrender. You don’t seek love. Love finds you.

The twist in the climax gives you a heartwarming experience. Kudos to the team for portraying a mature cute love sensibly and poetically.

“அந்த இருட்டு கடல்ல அப்படியே நிலவை காய்ச்சி ஊற்றின மாதிரி ஒரு வெளிச்சம்;

அந்த வெளிச்சத்தோட‌ பார்வ அப்படியே மெல்ல நம்ம சிப்பாய் பக்கம் திரும்பிச்சு.

இத்தன்ன நாளா கண்ணும் மனசும் தேடிட்டு இருந்த மீன், இப்போ சில அடி தூரத்துல;

உயிரே கைல கிடைச்ச சந்தோஷம் அந்த சிப்பாய்க்கு…”

Witness the love story made for movie screens through,
Maara: Love personified.

Have you watched Maara? What is your feedback? Write to me in the comments section.

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