Kahlil Gibran’s Life Hack: Why resistance is pointless in love?

The Prophet on Love

It is Part 2 of the series: Khalil Gibran’s Life Hack. Gibran speaks of love in his second chapter on the Prophet. Love is always complicated and messy. It makes you question all of the beliefs you have on your ideology. Love has been here on this Earth for centuries. Poets and writers come and go; they become immortal by writing about love. Though we know love for so long, we still don’t know how to define love. We don’t know what love is not.

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A seeress named Almithra, who believed in Prophet Almustafa first, hailed him. The seeress knew that he must now go since the ship has arrived. So she asked him to reveal the truths he knew about human and their lives before he leaves. That way, the people of the city can pass it on to their children and their children. No love shouldn’t bind anyone from moving forward towards their destiny.

The seeress asks the Prophet to speak of love. Love, a universal language, isn’t easy to decipher or put in words. All creatures on this Earth are bound with love. No soul could live alone without these bindings. Since humans have a sixth sense, to think, perceive and share knowledge, we are obsessed with this greater entity called Love. Because even when you research for your lifetime, love won’t make any sense to you.

The Prophet speaks about Love as if it is a person. He has a mind on his own. Perhaps, it makes sense. Because when love arrives, a lot of us lose our sixth sense. Our logic doesn’t work anymore. We all become the puppets for the great puppeteer. And the Prophet asks us to let him do the work. Resistance in love is pointless, for love can show you the secrets of your heart.

When love calls you…

When love calls you, listen, and follow him. Even though his ways aren’t easy, go with him. Love knows how to embrace you inside his wings, and you just have to yield. The thorns inside his wings could hurt you but yield anyway. Yearning for his embrace is worse than the pain caused by his thorns. So, yield.

If he speaks to you, believe in him. It might shatter your dreams. He might ask you to take a different road than what you decide for yourself but believe anyway. For he knows the content of your heart, and the road that he chooses for you will be your perfect destination.

If he crowns you today, he might crucify you tomorrow. Your growth and fall would be on his hands. When he holds your hands at your darkest times, he will also shake you off from the roots that bind you to the ground. He holds you together, but also, he would tear you apart. He will grind your pieces of torn heart and throw them into the fire.

And when your heart burns, you will know the secrets of the heart. This learning will lead you to become one with life and with God. Wouldn’t you believe love if he can show you the way to the God inside you?

When love inflicts pain…

Love inflicts pain, as much as it bestows one, with pleasure. Love messes with you, as much as it gives, your peace. If you want to know your soul, then shouldn’t you excavate? Digging deeper will cause you harm. Can you tolerate it? Will you be courageous enough to face love when he hurts you? Or will you let your fear win?

If in fear, you ask for love’s best gifts alone, like pleasure and peace, do not open up yourself to him. Cover your nakedness and do not trust him. Love is not an enemy to no one. So, he will give you his laughter and tears, even if you don’t surrender. But, you will never feel contented.

This world is bland without love. If you don’t surrender yourself completely, you will smile but not to your heart’s content. You will cry but never all of your tears. You will always feel incomplete. If your fear is more important than living a passionate and complete life, then don’t trust love.

Love: who is he?

He is responsible for all of your laughter and tears. All that you receive is from love, and all that you give is from his treasure. You can never hold him, nor he will hold you. He, like a wind, directs the course of your life. If you are worthy, he will find you and show you the path to uncover your heart’s truth.

If you think you can control him, you are wrong. If you think you can resist him, you are not stronger. Who does love serve? Himself. What are his desires? To fulfil himself. What can make him content? Himself. For love is sought only with love and nothing else.

What about my needs?

If you are the puppet of the great puppeteer, then does it make sense to have needs for yourself? If you insist to have desires of your own, then ask him the following:

If you think you are anywhere closer to understanding him, ask him to clarify that you are wrong. This understanding will cause you pain but bleed for him joyfully and willingly. Wake up with joy, and thank him for giving another day to understand him. Rest at noon and reminisce on the happiest moments he bestowed you with.

Return home with gratitude in heart. Go to sleep with prayers for your beloved. Sing a song of praise for Love along with your prayers.

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