Is it okay to not have a nesting phase during pregnancy?

Ta-da! I am here today with another interesting topic called nesting. If you are in mid terms of your pregnancy, you will know what I am talking about. The fact that I only googled about it, and never felt it during the pregnancy surprises me even now.

I had full-time pregnancy (delivered my daughter on due date) yet did not have a nesting phase anytime during the pregnancy. Nesting, in clinical terms, is defined as a period during the second or third trimesters of the pregnancy where a mother feels a massive energy spurt.

When I talked to my friends who had gone through the pregnancy already, they said that the nesting phase is inevitable. One even cleaned the house upside down and brought ‘gender-neutral’ clothes lasting for a year.

I was waiting for the nesting phase to begin somewhere around the second trimester. When it didn’t, I couldn’t help myself but feel guilty. Also, there is Dr.Google, who made things worse by bringing links to support how nesting is so natural for expecting mothers.

Naturally, the guilt developed into fear and made me think if I love my unborn child or not because I didn’t want to prepare a room or a crib. There are no signs of nesting until I delivered the baby. I slept most of the time during the day and binge-watched series during the nights.

Well, if you are an expecting mom in her second or third trimester, I would like to say that it is okay to avoid the nesting phase too. I went through a relaxed pregnancy (put aside the mood swings), yet, my kid turned out just fine. I love her more than myself, even though I didn’t try to pick names for her or design a themed bedroom.

In case if you are wondering why some of us don’t go through nesting, blame it on hormones, and take rest. Perhaps, it is because we are too tired to think about the school admissions for the kid.

Nesting doesn’t have to be cleaning or designing the kid’s crib always. It could be spending your credit card’s limit on clothes and a child-safe cot.

If you are anxious about nesting not happening anytime soon, you can always expect the nesting phase at any time of the pregnancy. Some of my friends were nested during the last week, so remain patient.

Nesting or not, every mother will have no time for herself after childbirth. Put behind the guilt and anxiety, play the game of thrones, and watch it when you can. When the baby is out, your life will look like a cold war. Happy Pregnancy!

Take lots of water and rest. You won’t have time to sleep whenever you like after the kid arrives.

Other moms who have experience about nesting, or who is going through it, comment us what you did in the comment section below. See you in another post. Until then, bye-bye and boop.

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