Hygge 30-day Challenge: The Endeavouring Week 1

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Saying YASSSSS to the Hygge life. By the end of July, when my sister and I were having a little chat, we thought how great it would be to do something together for once. As a coincidence, we came across 30days hygge challenge.

We knew at once that we wanted to do it. We started to plan it: we pulled up the calendar, some tasks from Pinterest, and started to craft tasks on our own. So, it went like this:

30- Day Hygge Challenge

The Hygge meaning is to live a comfortable and cosy living. It is from the Danish culture.

The First Week of Hygge Life

I call the First week of any new habit a ‘Fit or Quit’ dealbreaker. The first seven days usually determines if you would follow it continuously or quit within three days. Honestly, I had a 50-50 probability as the first-week tasks would definitely push me out of my comfort zone. We started with a pretty easy one for the first day: Start a Gratitude Journal.

Day 1: Gratitude Journaling

I love journaling. Apart from helping me write every day, the journal also declutters my mind and thoughts. However, a gratitude journal is new to me. I haven’t focused my thoughts to write about what I am grateful for every day. I occasionally write about the blessings, but to write about them daily will be a difficult task.

If you are new to gratitude journaling, you can start one by following these simple steps:
1. Pick a journal: Physical or a Digital app
2. Prompts: You can find many gratitude journaling prompts on Pinterest or simply Google
3. Manifestation: Reflect on the journey weekly or monthly

Day 2: Watching Sunrise

I am a night owl. Waking up early to see the sunrise is not exactly my forte. I tried to find excuses to go to bed after waking up. But it was only Day 2, and if I give up, then the hygge challenge will come to a halt. A sheer determination pushed me out of bed, and away I went to the terrace with a cup of coffee, a diary, a book and a playlist of songs I love.

Google said that the sunrise is around 5.55 AM. Wide awake; I tried to write some poetry but ended up watching the different shades of sky, the people, some birds, and cats. It was around 6.10, yet, there was no Sun to see. The moon still lingered around. I moved to the eastern corner of the terrace, only to find that the Sun has already risen.

He was at the corner, hiding behind the half-built bridge adjacent to my house. I spent 20 years in this home, and I never knew where the Sun rose every day. Instead of shame, I felt that it was a great opportunity to learn what I didn’t learn for so long. I became more conscious and aware.

Day 3: Exercise

It is another tiring task, especially after getting used to the lethargic activities of day-to-day life. If there was something I will give up without trying, then it will be work-outs. But, a deal is a deal, isn’t it?

I wasn’t worried about the bodily flesh or weight. However, the stamina and fitness of my physique got me worried. Perhaps, I would continue for 30 days, I thought.

Day 4: Reading a Book creates comfort

A quick update: I didn’t continue the exercise.

Reading a book is my cup of tea. I love to read, and honestly, this is the task I loved so much in the 30-day Hygge Challenge. My vision board has the reading challenge of 50 books. So, I should start it early on, shouldn’t I?

I am currently reading “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen. What is your current read? And do you have a TBR too?

Day 5: Write down what you love about yourself

We often forget the strengths we have while listening to the harsh inner voice of ourselves. I took this opportunity to remind myself about the qualities I adore about myself. By the end of the task, I wasn’t surprised at all. However, I felt good because we all need reassurance often, don’t we?

Day 6: Listening to Music

It might sound like tasks that you do every day. We all listen to music daily, and what’s so special about it to include it on a hygge challenge? In fact, it is quite special. When do you listen to music? When you are stuck in traffic or driving alone towards home? When do you feel stressed after a long day at work? Or when you can’t sleep at night? When was the last time you heard a song close to your heart, just because you and that song co-exist on this plane, this time?

It might sound cliche: but aren’t we blessed to have the music Gods like Ilayaraja, A.R.R, Ed Sheeran, or Shawn Mendes on our timeline? We grew up listening to Elvis Presley and Adele. If we are on a different timeline, we wouldn’t be celebrating the songs we love today, don’t you think? When is the last time you listened to music solely to celebrate the song that you grew up listening to? Ask yourself.

Day 7: Online Detox- a perfect Hygge Life

The day that I thought will be the toughest turned out to be the day I needed the most. I loved how silent the day was, without constant notifications and screen peeping. I finished some 150 pages of the book “The Last Seance” by the ‘Queen of Crime’ Agatha Christie, and therefore 49 books away from the reading challenge. I spent a lot of time playing with my daughter K, and we cooked together after a long time.

Online Detox sounded like a black hole to me at first. Remember the famous ‘Interstellar’ movie where Cooper cannot contact, record or communicate after falling into the black hole? He simply observes the whole time. It does sound exaggerated when I compare online detox to a black hole. But, trust me, it was a beautiful experience and the best way to calm a chaotic mind.

More to come about Week two later.

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