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Hello you guys, I am Sahana, aka the Tummy Mummy. From someone who thought that I wouldn’t step out of my hometown (a village but not the exquisite ones you see in Indian cinemas,) I am in London while I am writing this.

I believe

“Vulnerability is strength”

When did my writing journey begin?

Well, I guess I had a thirst for writing always. To me, writing is like releasing those thoughts that choke you because you can’t speak it aloud. Like every other person in the world, my first words also were for a high school crush.

It became official…

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I resigned from my full-time job. The days became so long and lonely. To keep me busy and productive, I started micro-blogging on social handles and other writing platforms.

Who am I exactly?

I am yet to find it for myself. I hope this blog gives a glimpse of me, my thoughts, opinions, and ideologies. I am a feminist, but not the one, who loathes men, or who thinks dominating men is the solution for shifting the paradigm. I also love rain, books, and coke. The night sky, moon, and beach are the best combo, in my opinion. 

Why Tummy Mummy?

Before choosing to blog, I worked for several content agencies, where I learned the hard road of being a freelancer. I remember vividly creating a blog called (or something like that) in the past. If each one of us has a calling and a purpose in this life, then I consider mine to deliver warmth to a suffering soul through my words.

While brainstorming for the name, my little one came up with this funny (but freaking honest) name. She gave me a reason to blog, now a name and a full-time job. I can’t thank her enough.

What can you expect?

Well, as I already said, I wish to keep this blog fresh, soul-touching, and offering a compassionate perspective to our daily life. I will try to keep every word I write here real and aesthetic so that I can connect with many people heart-to-heart.

I am someone who believes that wearing heart in sleeves gives more beauty and warmth to a person than causing damage. Let’s create a family here and connect soulfully. Welcome!



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